We haven’t gone away you know…..

Well that was fun. It’s always good beating Rovers isn’t it?, the champions-elect swaggered into town tonight expecting to win, the team that have cantered to the league title this year showed up in Oriel Park thinking it was going to be easy. Is that the sign of true champions or just half champions? No doubt they will be lifting the league title in the coming weeks but they probably aren’t as good as champions of teams past.

In recent weeks Dundalk FC have gone unbeaten in 4 games, we have taken 10 points from 12 and we have beaten the champions-elect.

As in the film “Sliding Doors”, imagine the different scenarios we could have found ourselves in this season if we only had owners who understood how to run a football club.

Given the off-field turmoil we have seen this year, the mismanagement by our chairman and board of directors, the injuries and departures, we have managed to climb out of a relegation battle, for the moment, and we now sit in 6th position in the league, 3 points behind bohemians, who we play next albeit they have some games in hand over us. It’s amazing what a couple of weeks can do in football.

With all that said, we still need to discuss the American sized elephant in the room, the Peak6 shaped elephant that sits in the corner refusing to acknowledge our supporters, where would we be if they only knew how to run a football club? Given the league table and the compressed points difference between the teams, we could have ‘walked’ this league without moving out of second gear, an opportunity missed no doubt.

We saw banners on show at Oriel during the game, one with “We Want Our Club Back”, others with “Bill Out”, “Support the team not the regime” and one the other side of the ground in the eyeline of the TV cameras stating “Fuck Peak6”, and this time Peak6 can’t deny they didn’t see these banners or hear the chants.

So where are our esteemed owners? Why won’t they acknowledge the fanbase? Are we watching an episode of Ted Lasso unfold before us, are Peak6 trying to destroy our club intentionally or are they actually so incompetent that they refuse to acknowledge their failings and think they are actually doing a good job? I guess we will never know as they refuse to engage with us, therefore I call on them to reach out to us, reach out to the 1903 Supporters Club, please engage with us.

We don’t expect a major press release, we don’t want anything substantial, all we want is engagement and communication. That’s all we ask for, let us ask some questions and you answer them truthfully.

Maybe its a prerequisite of football club owners to refuse dialogue with the fans, the above statement from Alan Shearer calling for Mike Ashley to communicate with the Newcastle fans bears a striking familiarity to Peak6’s refusal to acknowledge the Dundalk supporters.

Therefore, I call on Matt Hulsizer and Jenny Just to issue a statement to the supporters club about their intentions for our club. That’s all we ask for.

We won’t bite, we promise.